KW270 Wireless Keyboard + Mouse Deskset Combo

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Powerful bass speaker system with 5.0″ subwoofer, 4″x 2 satellites, 11W total RMS power, aux and on speaker volume and bass control.

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KW270 is a wireless keyboard and mouse combo that comes with a nano wireless receiver built to provide a smooth, effortless flow to your everyday computing needs and office work. With its elegant design and durability that comes from incorporating high-quality materials, the keyboard+mouse combo adds an eye-catching look to your workstation and home desk and acts as your digital friend. The slim profile full-size Keyboard comes with an ergonomic design, desktop and laptop compatibility, spill-resistant design acting as a shield to protect the keyboard from spillage accidents. Its wireless connectivity, silent keys with boldly engraved keycaps give the touch of comfort and ease without any noise disturbance. The mouse operates with a 2400DPI optical resolution and enhances the look of your work desk. With its anti-skid texture for a comfortable grip, it comes with 4 customizable buttons along with adjustable DPI speed for your needs. The keyboard & mouse both comes with auto power-saving mode. No need to worry about constantly changing batterries as this ensures a longer and durable battery life. Ensuring smoother wireless working enviroment with a range of 360 degrees within 10 meters. It is compatible with Windows / Chrome OS / Linux. Just Plug and Play as everything works right out of the box without any additional software needed. Features: Elegant slim full size keyboard 4 button 2400dpi optical resolution Mouse Auto power saving for long-lasting batteries Spill resistant design Nano wireless receiver for cable-free comfort Silent keys to prevent annoying typing sound Easy to read boldly engraved keycaps Sturdy tilt legs to adjust keyboard angle Compatible with Windows/ Chrome OS / Linux Technical Specifications: Reciever: USB nano receiver Frequency channel: 66 Working range: 360? upto 10 meters Mouse sensitivity: 2400 DPI Keyboard dimensions: 448 x 162 x 25mm (L x W x H) Mouse dimensions: 111 x 62 x 35mm (L x W x H) Weight: 630g (approx.) Mouse + Keyboard